The mystical Mustang region lies at an altitude of 4000 meters in the north-central part of Nepal and is popularly known as The Kingdom of Lo, the historic Mustang Region, and “Upper Mustang”.

Beyond the Annapurna Massif, the Mustang area continues out onto the enormous Tibetan Plateau. Mustang region is taken as one of the finest destinations by travelers to trek, as it offers a pleasant trekking experience with a blend of natural and cultural attractions. Mustang region's trekking trails are known as rain shadow trekking paths, so trekking even in monsoon seasons is taken as a normal practice.

The upper mustang area is also known as the Last Forbidden Kingdom because it was closed to travelers until 1991, when the Nepali government eventually reopened all of Nepal for tourism activities. Although it has been a part of Nepal since the 18th century, its geographical position and imposed position as a “forbidden kingdom” have shielded it from western influences. Because of the seclusion, the region's culture, lifestyle, and tradition have been kept in their natural condition. Visitors may still get a glimpse into the lives of the locals and learn about the ideal blend of Tibetan and Nepali culture. Even now, the Mustangi people (also known as Lobas) have their own King whom they have the greatest regard and respect. However, he does not have any authority as per the Nepal Government.

The Mustang Region is popularly known for the views of stunning peaks like the Annapurnas, Dhaulagiri, Nilgiri, Tukuche, and 30 more summits reaching beyond 6000 meters. Mustang is also characterized as a mountainous desert because of its desolate area at such a high altitude, with eroded sandstone pillars and beautiful rock formations in earthy red, yellow, and brown colors, giving it an untamed unique desert region atmosphere.

Besides the majestic mountains, one can enjoy the beautiful Kali Gandaki river, Muktinath temple; one of the important temples of Hindus, Buddhist shrines, distinct landforms, caves, glaciers, alpine forests, culture & tradition of locales, festivals, and much more.

The Tiji Festival is one of the main draws of the Mustang region. Monks clad in extravagant costumes and masks conduct rituals and customs to drive away evil spirits during the celebration. People from all across Mustang gather at Lo Manthang, the capital of Mustang to celebrate the Tiji festival, dressed in their finest.

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