10 Best Short Hikes Around Kathmandu Valley


Hiking around the beautiful Kathmandu valley is so much fun, refreshing and exciting. You get the liberty to start your hike in the morning and return back to your warm beds by evening.

You can get the vibe of a mini trek with a day hike around Kathmandu valley.

If you are in search of some best hikes around the Kathmandu valley, then do not worry; I got your back on this. The below-mentioned hikes can be done in a day, and you can even return back to your place by completing the hike.

So, start packing your backpacks because I’m going to tell you about 10 Best Short Hikes Around Kathmandu Valley.

1. Phulchowki Hike

Phulchowki Hike

Phulchowki hike is one of the best hikes you can do in the outskirts of Kathmandu. You can start your hike from Godawari which even houses a botanical garden. You can see various plants and trees in this botanical garden. You can start your hike from the Godavari to the highest hill in Kathmandu valley. It takes around 3.5 hours to reach Phulchowki hill from the bottom of Godawari, which means the whole hike should take somewhere between 7 hours, depending upon your walking speed.

You can witness the astounding mountain views of Annapurna, Gaurishankar, Mt Everest, and Mt Manaslu. Besides the amazing mountain vistas, you can see the appealing view of Kathmandu city from the hill.

You can get to Godawari in a public vehicle that departs from Lagankhel bus park.

Phulchowki hike highlights

● Godawari botanical garden
● Temples
● Forest filled with pine, oak, and Rhododendron
● Outstanding view of various peaks
● Snowfall during winter and more.

Quick info

      Altitude:         2782m
      Starting Point:         Godawari
      Distance:          19 km
      Duration:          7 hours

2. Kakani Hike

The popular and widely loved Kakani hike is another amazing hike you can take near Kathmandu valley. This beautiful road leads to Kakani, Nuwakot, a tiny town near Kathmandu, via the alpine woods. Kakani is well-known for its natural beauty. You can witness paddy fields, astounding views of Kathmandu valley, strawberry farms, rhododendron flowers, pine trees, and more. Besides these, you will be electrified to see the fabulous views of Ganesh Himal, Gaurishankar, Annapurna, and other peaks.

While most of the residents are Tamang, you will get the opportunity to learn about Tamang culture and customs. You can also stay overnight in the camps or lodges, enjoying the local cuisines of Kakani.

Kakani hike highlights

● Tamang culture and their traditional foods
● Breathtaking views of various peaks and Kathmandu city
● Trout fishes
● Strawberry farms
● Paddy fields
● Alpine woods
● Thai memorial peace park
● View tower and more.

Quick info

      Altitude:         2030m
      Starting Point:         Balaju
      Distance:         20 Km
      Duration:         6 hours

3. Shivapuri Hike


Shivapuri hike is another amazing hiking destination in Kathmandu. You can hike to the Shivapuri hill through the Budhanilkantha temple via the Shivapuri conservation area. If you are a nature lover, especially a bird lover, you should definitely take this hike. The sound of water, birds chirping, and Buddhist flags fluttering makes you feel like you’re entrenching yourself into Mother Nature as you trek up. From the top of the hill, you can see a fantastic view of Mount Langtang and a wonderful view of Kathmandu city. The Shivapuri hike can be concluded at Kapan or Sundarijal, but there are many more interesting places to see along the way.

Shivapuri hike highlights

● Budhanilkantha temple
● Nagi Gumba
● Bagh Dwar
● Beautiful waterfalls
● Birds and plants
● Meditating areas
● Eye appealing view of various peaks and Kathmandu city
● Forest with oak/pine and rhododendron flowers and more.

Quick info

      Altitude:         2732m
      Starting Point:         Budhanilkantha
      Distance:          21 km
      Duration:          7 hours

4. Nagarkot Hike

The other popular hike around the Kathmandu valley is the Nagarkot hike which is known for its spectacular dawn and sunset views. One of the most incredible panoramic mountain vistas, including Everest, can be seen from this picturesque Nagarkot hill located 32 kilometers east of Kathmandu. The journey to Nagarkot hike starts from Sankhu, a Newari village in Bhaktapur. You can complete this 25 Km hike route in 7 hours. You can stay in a lodge, camp at Nagarkot overnight, or return back to your place within the same day.

Nagarkot hike highlights

● Panoramic views of the Himalayas, including Mount Everest
● Beautiful sunrise and sunset
● View tower
● Newari culture, Newari foods, and more.

Quick info

      Altitude:         2175m
      Starting Point:         Sankhu
      Distance:          25 km
      Duration:          9 hours

5. Namobuddha Hike

The Namo Buddha hiking route traverses southeast of Kathmandu with Banepa and Panauti at the height of 1800 meters; that exudes tranquility and calmness.

The ultimate point of this hike is a Buddhist temple, which is significant because it represents the narrative of Mahasatta, a prince who fed himself to a tigress and her pups.

During the hike to Namobuddha, you can witness the culture of Tamang and Newari ethnicities. Prepare to be wowed by vistas of mountain peaks, Rhododendron, sacred and old temples, and monasteries such as Namo Buddha, Indreshwar Mahadev Temple, and the Brahmani Temple.

If you have time and can extend your hike I suggest you to hike around the Baithali village as well.

Namobuddha hike highlights

● Beautiful temples, gumbas, and monasteries
● Panoramic view of the Himalayas
● Buddhist chants
● Buddhist monks
● Peaceful environment
● Get the closest view of Nepali farming

Quick info

      Altitude:         1800m
      Starting Point:         Panauti / Dhulikhel
      Distance:          14 km
      Duration:         6 hours

6. Champadevi Hike


The Champadevi walk, which begins from Kirtipur and ends in Pharping at the height of 2278 meters, is both challenging and rewarding. The hike route goes through a lush pine forest with breathtaking vistas. At the conclusion of the trail, you’ll come upon a charming monastery.

There are various ways to go to the Champadevi hill, but the most common and simplest is to follow the Dollu Valley, which starts from the Hattiban resort. However, another route beyond Taudaha Lake is a less traveled and lengthier path after the Dakshinkali Temple road. This path takes you to the ridge above Haatiban Resort.

From the top, you can see the breathtaking view of Kathmandu valley, Bungmati, Khokana, and Dakishnkali.

If you are an independent hiker, you can get a public bus to Dakshinkali from the old bus park, Kathmandu, where you can start hiking.

Champadevi hike highlights

● Temples and stupas
● Beautiful pine forests
● Camping
● Panoramic view of Mt. Langtang and Annapurna
● Local cuisine

Quick info

      Altitude:         2278m
      Starting Point:         Hattiban
      Distance:          20 km
      Duration:          9 hours

7. Chandragiri hike


Chandragiri is another close, short and popular hiking trail in the Kathmandu valley. At an elevation of 2475 meters, Chandragiri is a hilltop in Kathmandu, which is very much suitable for a short day hike. You can start your hike from Thankot and reach the top of Chandragiri hill, which houses a Hindu temple called Bhaleshwar. And it is stated that before the historic unification battle, the revered King Prithvi Narayan Shah, who unified Nepal, prayed in this temple. Chandragiri hill station also has a cable car facility where you can enjoy the Cable car journey while you ascend or descend the hill as per your choice.

Chandragiri hike highlights

● Bhaleswar temple
● Panoramic view of mountains and hills around
● A simple and short hike
● Cable car
● Beautiful forest

Quick info

      Altitude:         2475m
      Starting Point:         Thankot
      Distance:          7 km
      Duration:          6 hours

8. Baithali hike


Baithali hiking is another cherished hiking trail in the Panauti region, a village near Kathmandu. This hike is popular among the off-beat hikers who want to see the untouched culture and tradition. This hike includes trekking through beautiful woodlands that house many species of birds. In addition, you can see the pristine mountain peaks like Manaslu, Langtang, Ganesh Himal, etc. During the hike, you will see the pure domestic life of Nepali people working on farms and doing their chores. You will also encounter many temples and shrines along your way. To hike to Baithali village, you need to reach Namobuddha first or start from Malpi.

Baithali hike highlights

● Beautiful village life
● Temples and shrines
● Natural beauty
● Farming and animal husbandry
● Beautiful sunrise and sunset.

Quick info

      Altitude:         1730m
      Starting Point:         Malpi
      Distance:          15 km
      Duration:          7 hours

9. Pilot baba Hike

Pilot baba walk is a short hike in the southern part of Bhaktapur city. The hike is named after the ashram “Pilot baba ashram”. The pilot baba hill houses an ashram, an open space for meditation and a Lord Shiva temple. You can start your hike from the Suryabinayak bus stop passing through the Suryabinayak temple. The distance is just 5 Km, so the hike should not take you long. Moreover, you can see the astounding view of Kathmandu and Bhaktapur city from the top of the hill.

Pilot baba hike highlights

● Short and easy
● Hindu temple
● Pilot baba ashram
● Chances to do yoga
● Beautiful view of Bhaktapur city

Quick info

      Altitude:         700m
      Starting Point:        Suryabinayak
      Distance:          6 km
      Duration:          5 hours

10. Chisapani Hike


The hiking to Chisapani, which means “Cold Water ” in the Nepali language, starts from the northeast part of Kathmandu. Chisapani lies in the Shivapuri National Park.

The trail to Chisapani hike begins with two to three hours of uphill.
While hiking to Chisapani, We will walk through the dense forest of rhododendron of Shivapuri National Park. We need to buy a ticket to enter the Shivapuri national park. We can find different caste of people like Brahmins, Gurungs, and Sherpas in Chisapani. We can view diverse Himalayan ranges, Green hills, and Snow-capped mountains through the hike.

We can take a bus from Ratnapark Bus stop to reach Sundarijal. And after that, we can start the hike.

Chisapani Hike highlights

●  Shivapuri National Park
●  Forest of rhododendron
●  Local Villages
● Waterfalls and Greenforest

Quick info

      Altitude:         2215m
      Starting Point:         Sundarijal
      Distance:          13 km
      Duration:          4 hours

Wrapping Up

In this post, we discussed the highly cherished best 10 Best Short Hikes Around Kathmandu Valley. While not being difficult, these hikes give you a vibe of long treks in just a day. You can witness beautiful forests, panoramic views of different mountains & hills, different species of birds & animals, various foods & cultures by taking these short hikes around the Kathmandu valley.

In case you are going to hike such places around Kathmandu valley independently, I would like to suggest a few things. First, if you are unknown of the place, take maps with you, go with a partner, do not forget to take a water bottle, fill your backpacks with food, do not forget a waterproof jacket in case you catch some rain, and finally, If you intend to stay in camps go well prepared.

Finally, if you want to cherish these kinds of short hikes or any other type of tours or treks, feel free to inquire with us for a tailored made trip, or you can choose from the different packages available on our website.

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