How much does Everest Base Camp trek cost?


Everest base camp trek is one of the thrilling and heart felicific journeys you will ever have. The magnificent trek includes breathtaking views of Mount Everest (8848.86 m), the cultural beauty of the indigenous Sherpa people, and sightseeing in the Sagarmatha National Park.

If you want to explore the world’s highest peak’s base camp but do not have an idea about the cost associated with it, then do not worry; today in this post I will be clearing up all of your doubts regarding the cost of Everest base camp trek.

The cost associated with the trekking journey to Everest base camp is decided by the type of trek you are planning to do, the route you will take, the amount of time you will spend on the base camp, the luxury & comfort you want, and the season you will travel.

In this post, I will try to break down the different costs associated while trekking the Everest base camp after you land in Kathmandu, the capital of Nepal.

So, let’s get started.

Transportation Cost

Flight to Lukla

Lukla Airport
Most Dangerous Airport

So, let’s start with the major thing you will be spending on. To start your Everest base camp trek, you need to first leave your warm hotel beds in Kathmandu and fly to Lukla. The flight costs around USD 170 for one-way travel to Lukla airport from Kathmandu, which means you will have to pay USD 340 for the two-way travel.

Only 10 kilograms of checked baggage and 5 kilos of carry-on are allowed on these flights to Lukla. If you have any extra luggage, you can store it in your Kathmandu hotel.

Shared Jeeps or Buses

If you are tight on budget then I suggest you to use shared jeeps or buses for transportation. You can travel from Kathmandu to Salleri over shared jeeps or buses which is a roughly 8 hours ride covering 265 KM.

The local bus costs around USD 12, which means you will have to pay USD 24 for the round trip. Similarly, you can share jeeps with other travellers that will cost you USD 19, which means you will end up spending USD 38 for a round trip. Also, if you wish for a private and comfortable SUV, it will cost you around USD 160 to USD 170.

Accommodation Cost

The next primary thing you will be spending on taking the Everest base camp journey (EBC Trek) is accommodation.

The cost of accommodation while you stay at Kathmandu is relatively higher than the cost of accommodation during your trekking period.

Your need for luxury determines the cost of your Everest base camp trek accommodation and meals. Accommodation costs typically start at USD 5 per night, but if you want a more comfortable expedition to Everest base camp, your hotel costs will rise.

If you stay in a local tea house then you will be saving your money. You will get a normal room with a bed, pillow & blanket with a bathroom at not less than USD 6 at these tea houses. However, for other amenities like showers, Internet, charging devices, you need to pay at least USD 2 depending upon the services.

The cost of foods

Foods are not that expensive if you are eating at the tea houses. The menu rates of most of the tea houses are somehow similar. The tea houses along the Everest Base Camp climb will have substantial menus. However, the higher you go, the fewer options you’ll have, and the more expensive everything will become. You will end up spending around USD 5 for breakfast and around USD 8 for lunch. Tea will cost somewhere between USD 2-3, and hot water will cost half of it.

P.S: The food cost totally depends upon the market variables, temperature, and other factors. The higher you go, the higher the prices for foods and drinks will be.

The cost of Guides and Porters

Having a guide is quite beneficial during any kind of trekking. I personally suggest you to have a guide/porter during your Everest base camp trekking as it is a difficult trek with unknown terrain and extreme coldness. They come up with a lot of benefits as they are fluent in the native language, are familiar with the proprietors of the tea house, will inform you of any important information that you should be aware of while on the trail, and help sort out any local problems.

Guide’s fee ranges from USD 25 to USD 30 per day.

Additionally, if you do not want to carry your bags and stuff or have difficulty carrying them at a higher altitude then you should hire a porter. Porter price ranges from 20 to 25 USD per day, and they can carry up to 20 kgs of goods.

Cost of permits

Everest Base Camp Trek Permits

To accomplish the Everest base camp trekking journey, you must obtain two permits. The first is a permit from the Khumbu Pasang Lhamu Rural Municipality, while the second is a permit from the Sagarmatha National Park.

The permit from the Khumbu Pasang Lhamu Rural Municipality can only be obtained from Lukla or Monjo and costs USD 20. Whereas the other permit for the Sagarmatha National Park costs USD 34 (Inclusive of 13% tax).

Suppose you’re taking the conventional route from Jiri to Everest Base Camp. In that case, you’ll need special permission for the Gaurishankar Conservation Area, which will cost USD 30 and can be obtained from the Kathmandu-based Nepal Tourism Board.

P.S: For trekking permits, you may need to provide passport details and PP size photos.

Cost of Trekking Equipments

You should know that you are travelling to a high-altitude region that is cold and mildly difficult, so it demands high-quality gear and equipment. A high-quality boot, sleeping bag, thermal apparel, a warm waterproof jacket, sunglasses, trekking poles, and warm gloves are compulsory items you should not forget. Besides that, you can carry emergency medicines, cameras, battery backups, and other gear and equipment that you find necessary during your trekking.

It will cost somewhere between USD 200-500 for the compulsory trekking equipment. You can buy or rent such equipment in Kathmandu. If you forget anything important you can always buy at Namche Bazar however, the price will be expensive.

I suggest you to buy quality and comfortable boots, sleeping bags and thermal apparel as it might be a nightmare if you feel uncomfortable at a 5545m height with an extreme temperature and terrain.

Some of the basic things you need to include in your backpacks are:

  • High-quality warm boots
  • Warm jackets
  • Warm gloves
  • Sunglasses
  • Sleeping bag
  • Waterproof jacket
  • Trousers
  • Trekking socks
  • Trekking poles, etc.

Cost of Insurance

There are risks when you trek at a high altitude of 5545m. You may suffer from extreme altitude sickness and meet accidents. If you plan to go on an Everest base camp trekking I personally suggest you to have travel insurance that covers emergency rescue, flight delay or cancellation, and emergency medical costs. A decent travel insurance that lasts for 30 days costs around USD 150.

Miscellaneous costs

The other costs that may incur include

  • Hot shower: USD 2-7
  • WiFi: USD 2-5/ hour
  • Drinks: USD 2-5 for Tea, USD 1-3 for hot water
  • Porter/Guide/Waiter tips: As per your choice
  • Charging devices: USD 2-6/ hour.

Total individual cost for Everest base camp trekking

So, here comes the total individual cost breakdown for Everest base camp trekking you have been waiting for.

Transportation cost

Flight: USD 340/ person (Round trip)

Bus: USD 24 to 30/ person (Round trip)

Shared Jeep: USD 38/ person (Round trip)

Private SUV: USD 320 (Round Trip)

Insurance Cost: (USD 150)

Accommodation Cost

USD 5 to 10 per day.

Cost of permits

USD 50 to 60

Cost of porter and guides

Cost of porters: USD 20 to 25 per day.

Cost of guides: USD 25 to 30 per day.

Cost of Food and Drinks

Approximately USD 20 to 30 USD per day.

Cost of Equipment and gears

USD 200 to 500 depending upon your choice and budget.

Miscellaneous Costs

USD 100 to 200 depending upon your choice and nature of expenditure.

So, the total individual cost for you to trek the Everest base camp would cost somewhere between USD 1100 to 2500, depending upon your choice of services and comfort. (For 11 days without adding visas and international ticket fees)

Seek Professionals

I know that you can save somewhere between USD 400 to some more dollars if you trek the Everest base camp region on your own, but that will be extra difficult for you. You need to plan your own itinerary, arrange all the logistics, deal with porters, guides, and tea house owners, and you will surely miss something without exceptional professional help.

So, I propose an excellent 15 days Everest base camp trek with amazing professional assistance and service just at USD 1400 per person. Isn’t that fascinating?

Send an inquiry for the Everest base camp trek from here, and we will reach you instantly.

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